Hands-on Project Management Classes Build Skills

Project management training can have an immediate impact on your team's performance when it incorporates the best adult learning techniques.
  • Apply course concepts to your own projects during training.
  • Work in teams to complete projects.
  • Hands-on learning increases comprehension and retention.
  • Learn faster and transfer the learning to your job immediately.

Best practices from the bestselling book in project management!

Microsoft Endorsed Training
microsoft validated training
Microsoft validated training

Versatile's Mastering Microsoft Project 2010 and 2013 training has passed Microsoft's rigorous evaluation process

Be assured that you are getting the best available, Microsoft endorsed training from The Versatile Company's instructors.
Versatile's MS Project Training is taught by the same instructors who teach our full project management curriculum. You'll be learning the most popular project management software and project management best practices! It's a powerful combination!

The Project Management Issues Log

The Most Complete and Practical Microsoft Project Training Available 

Microsoft has vetted Versatile’s Mastering Microsoft Project course and recommends it to their training partners worldwide. 

Go ahead. Search for Microsoft Project Training and you’ll find that your local Microsoft Project Training provider is using 55205 Mastering Microsoft Project 2016, the course authored by Versatile’s internal instructor team. 


Highlighting Reviews of The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management 

Attend project management training or just read a good book?  

Good question! 

Read some recent reviews from Amazon

“This was a textbook we used in my graduate level Project Management course last term. I loved this textbook and am keeping it for future project references! It has so many tools and forms to use, and is not a dry read by any means. I am recommending it on to my boss to refer to.” 

“The book is clear and is easy to follow. It is written in a very logical way, so you are able to gain knowledge gradually from beginning to end.” 

Definitely buy the book!! 


Top 10 Terms Project Managers Use 

Augment your project management training. In under ten minutes (barely) you get a handy tutorial.