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The Versatile Company has been providing world-class project management training since 1990.

Project Management Training

Hands-on Project Management Training Builds Skills

Project management training can have an immediate impact on your team’s performance when it incorporates the best adult learning techniques.

  • Apply course concepts to your own projects during training.
  • Work in teams to complete projects.
  • Hands-on learning increases comprehension and retention.
  • Learn faster and transfer the learning to your job immediately.Tra

Principles of Project Management Workshop

The Principles of Project Management course presents the proven techniques of project management. Our practical framework makes project management easy to understand and apply.

This hands-on introduction to project management builds skills that you’ll use right away.  It is full of practical tips, engaging exercises, and the most useful project management techniques.

Project Management for Non-Project Managers

Call them “Accidental project managers,” “Incidental PMs” or “Unofficial project managers.”

They are the staff and management that are running over half your projects — important projects that need to be delivered successfully.

This Versatile course provides these leaders practical, proven tools of project management, scaled to fit their needs.

Experts in PMP® Exam Prep

Project management training often includes preparing for the PMP® exam. Versatile’s PMP® Deep Dive is a comprehensive, engaging learning experience. You can trust Versatile’s exam study strategy, which has helped thousands of project managers pass the PMP® exam.

Experts in Microsoft Project

Versatile’s Microsoft Project Training Course is taught by the same instructors who teach our full project management curriculum. You’ll be learning the most popular project management software and project management best practices! It’s a powerful combination!

Agile: Intro and Fundamentals

Versatile’s 2-day (15 hour) Agile course will help participants gain an enhanced understanding of Agile history and methods, the concepts of value and waste, strategies for stakeholder engagement, effective leadership strategies, flexibility and adaptability in planning, the iterative process, and continuous improvement.

Experts in Project Management Training

Best practices from the bestselling book in project management! Our expert trainers can travel to your location for onsite training, conduct engaging live training sessions online, or provide project management training courses in our convenient Seattle office.

You’ll learn from some of the best in the business, including Eric Verzuh, author of the bestselling book, The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management.

Other popular courses include:

Leading High Performance Teams

You need excellent leadership and communication skills to build a cohesive team. This class provides both a vision of a high performance team and specific guidelines every team leader can follow to improve their team’s performance. 

Flexibility and perseverance set high performing teams apart from teams which are merely productive. (2 Days, 15 PDUs)

Leading high performance teams is a goal that every project leader can attain. High performance teams result from a conscious effort to build trust and the behaviors and skills necessary to solve problems cooperatively.

This course is founded on the concept that almost every project is accomplished through the concerted, coordinated work of teams of people.  No matter if the teams are part-time volunteers or highly-skilled professionals, their productivity and success is drastically affected by the relationships within the team and their ability to function as a cohesive unit. This class not only provides a vision of a high performance team, but also specific guidelines every team leader can follow to improve their team’s performance.

Project teams have a unique challenge: they come together for a temporary assignment in which they face a special problem. Teams that are successful build a positive team environment and work together to solve problems, even in the face of conflict. This course presents proven communication techniques, explains leadership styles, and details team building principles in the context of the project environment. Through lecture, discussion, and practice participants learn the theory behind the art of managing teams. We make extensive use of role playing and experiential learning to help participants internalize the skills more rapidly.

Leading high performance teams is a very achievable goal. It requires an understanding of the characteristics of high performance, and a solid understanding of the steps to put those in place.

Project Risk Management

Identify and respond to threats and opportunities throughout the project’s lifecycle. Learn the classic risk management techniques and strategies for reducing threats and leveraging opportunities.

Improve business decisions and project performance. Avoiding all risks means avoiding all opportunities. Risk management increases the odds of success. (1 Day, 7 PDUs)

Failure to actively manage project risk is one of the most often cited origins of project failure. This course enables project managers to systematically manage the uncertainty that is inherent in every project so they can minimize the threats without undermining the opportunities. Risk management is a fine balance that the best project managers know how to achieve.

Participants will learn a step-by-step process to pinpoint and respond to project risks that happen throughout the project life cycle, from the initial case through implementation. They will also learn to create specific budgets to account for both known and unknown project risks.

Benefits include:
  • Improve the bottom line with more accurate cost and schedule estimates.
  • Use past successes and pitfalls to improve future performance.
  • Recognize and avoid problems before they occur.
  • Build executive support for your project through accurate, meaningful reporting.
  • Learn to energize your team members by involving them in risk management activities.

Project Management Simulation

Learn by leading a project. Integrate planning, risk and sub-contractor management, stakeholder communication, and other project management techniques to define, plan, and control a project. This course is hands-on, interactive, and challenging. It’s project management training you’ll never forget!

Practice the principles of project management in a rigorous simulation. (2–4 Days, 15–30 PDUs)

Successful project leaders integrate the science and art of project management. The best way to train them to do this is by using project management simulation techniques that expose and elaborate various aspects of project management and allow for realistic situational learning.

Versatile’s project management simulation will challenge and shed new light on your current project management processes, as well as provide many ideas for improvement and innovation in that area.

Course Description

Learn the proven techniques required to lead projects by experience in a rigorous project simulation. Teams encounter realistic challenges such as scope changes, communication breakdowns, and unexpected stakeholder inputs. Experience the complete lifecycle and practice project management techniques to define, plan, execute, control, and close out a project.

Versatile’s Project Management Simulation is unique among project management programs. Companies in a wide range of industries have used it to improve their project execution and create success. Whether you are training new members on a project team, or refreshing your established project managers, they will find this to be exciting and educational.

This challenging, hands-on training simulation builds confidence as it builds skills to take a project from inception to a successful completion, while producing deliverables and meeting deadlines every step of the way. Simulations in management training are a proven way to increase the excitement, understanding, and retention of course concepts.

This course can be customized to meet the experience level of your audience. For participants with no prior project management education, we can slow it down and add some fundamental exercises to build that foundation. For PMP’s and experienced project managers, this two-day format can also be used to focus on specific project management challenges within your organization such as scope creep or the use of earned value management.

“Unique among project management programs. There is nothing else like it.”

“I attended this 2-day Project Management Simulation and found it to be one of the best classes I’ve ever attended: excellent content, great team interaction, very hands-on, and a quick pace. The PDU’s helped me renew my PMP®. I highly recommend this class to anyone working in project management.”

Beverly Baker-Brooks, PMP

Senior Project Manager, TeleCommunication Systems

Executives have a critical role in project success. This course will help you execute an executive view of project management that will best benefit you and your project team.

When executives have many projects under their span of responsibility it can be difficult to stay involved with all of them. This course is intended for managers and executives responsible for more than one project, whether they are the project manager or have project managers reporting to them. (1/2 to 1 Day)
Course Description

It’s very important for your organization to have an executive view of project management, so that the necessary leadership is in place for your projects. This course will be customized to meet the specific interests and needs of your audience, and assist your executives in understanding how they contribute to project success. That way, 100% of the content will be relevant to your organization and your issues. This course is a great option if your management team needs to learn more about project management, but have limited time to attend training.

  • Understand how the discipline of project management can increase your productivity, improve communication, and cut development costs.
  • Remove the mystery of project success by learning proven techniques to define, plan, and control a project.
  • Establish a foundation for project success within your organization with a systematic approach to managing projects.

When executives have many projects under their span of responsibility it can be difficult to stay involved with all of them. This course is intended for managers and executives responsible for more than one project, whether they are the project manager or have project managers reporting to them.

Sample Course Topics
  • Leading a project based organization
  • Overview of the project management discipline
  • The value of project management
  • Sponsor and management responsibilities on projects
  • Capabilities of a mature project-based organization
  • The relationship of project management, portfolio management, and strategic planning
Project Management Tips

The Most Important Project Manager Skills

When you attend project management training online, you can get the impression that the only skill you need is scheduling.

Project managers certainly need to know how to schedule a project. And project leaders will benefit from knowing how to use Microsoft Project as well.
But the MOST important skills? Probably soft skills. Bringing people together, building a strong team, working through problems with all the stakeholders. Because if you can’t do that – your schedule will be meaningless.

You can attend Versatile’s project management training in Seattle, online, and at your location to learn how to clarify scope, create realistic schedules, and perform risk management. We also have a fantastic, simulation-based High Performance Teams class. has their own ideas about the Top Three PM Skills. Watch the video!!

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