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Principles of Project Management Training Course

Three Days of Training

Principles of Project Management On-Site and Live Online Learning Options:

  • Live, instructor-led classroom training delivered for your team at your location.
  • Online instructor-led training adapts to the needs of your team.
  • BONUS: Self-paced eLearning package reinforces in-class lessons.

Who Should Attend this Course?

  • Project managers and team leaders who have the responsibility for a project but have never attended a project management course.
  • Senior staff member tasked with leading cross-functional corporate initiatives.
  • Supervisors with multiple projects under their span of responsibility.
Business people in an office celebrating together, illustrating Versatile's Principles of Project Management training course

Course Description

Principles of Project Management presents the proven techniques of project management. Our practical framework makes project management easy to understand and apply to today’s project-driven workplace.

You and your team will learn from PMTA and PMI certified trainers, and practice specific techniques such as Stakeholder Analysis, Building an Action Plan, writing a Project Charter, Risk Analysis and planning Project Communication in class.

Project Managers Are Leaders
The course provides the building blocks of project leadership. Participants learn how the project management tool set enables them to satisfy all their stakeholders/sponsors, management, customers, and the project team.

Project Planning Workshop
Participants plan one of their own projects in class. This is the best way for individuals to learn the concepts faster and to transfer the learning to their job.


  • Build a cohesive, consistent understanding of the project’s goals among all stakeholders.
  • Build realistic project schedules that have clear responsibilities and that can be used to measure progress.
  • Communicate effectively to influence your team, management, customers, and affected stakeholders.
  • Control scope to maintain focus and productivity.
  • Identify problems when they are still small enough to solve.
  • Transform ambiguous projects into focused, productive projects with tangible results.
  • Build management support for your project.


  • Use the discipline of project management to consistently achieve the Five Project Success Factors.
  • Systematically apply the proven techniques of project management to define, plan and control a project.
  • Create a project plan using standard project management techniques.
  • Use the project plan to manage the team, customers, management, and project sponsors.
  • Plan stakeholder communication based on stakeholder authority and involvement.
  • Understand the relationship between the science of project management and the art of leadership.

Course Outline

Click the arrows to expand each section.

  1. Project Success Factors
  2. What is Project Management?
  3. A Successful Project Delivers Value
  4. Project Life Cycle and Product Life Cycle
Workshop: Selecting Projects for the Workshop
  1. Identify Project Stakeholders
  2. Assign the Sponsor and Project Manager
  3. Write a Project Charter
  4. Project Manager Authority
Workshop: Develop a Project Charter
  1. The Purpose of Planning
  2. Project Risk Management
Workshop: Identify and Plan for Project Risks
  1. WBS: Break the Project into Manageable Units of Work
Workshop: Developing the Task List/Work Breakdown Structure
  1. Network Diagrams Help Visualize the Sequence of Events
  2. Task Estimating Guidelines
Workshop: Build the Network & Visualize the Schedule
  1. Resource Level the Project Schedule
Workshop: Completion of the Project Plan
  1. Estimating Guidelines
  2. Match the Planning Steps to Project Management Software
  1. Stakeholder Engagement
  2. Plan Communication
Workshop: Build a Communication Plan
  1. Change Management
  2. Project Team Kickoff
  3. Monitor Schedule, Risks, and Issues
  4. Project Close Out
  1. Project Manager Skills
  2. Art Based on Science
Two business people, one with a briefcase and one reading papers in an office hallway illustrating the Principles of Project Management training course.

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