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You want your PMP®.
We help you get it faster.

You want your PMP® certification. You know it will help your career. Versatile’s Deep Dive PMP exam prep makes it easier, faster, and more fun.
This complete PMP exam prep package uses animated video, an in-depth study guide, hundreds of sample exam questions, and interactive learning activities.
Earn your 35 contact hours of education at your own pace. 100% online. 100% engaging!

What is your learning style?

The PMP exam prep Deep Dive is designed for the way you learn, whether you want to do it all at your own pace or you want to join a study series led by an expert.
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PMP Exam Prep Deep Dive
Self-Paced eLearning

Deep Dive PMP Exam Prep

Better. Faster. More Fun!

How do you learn best? Self-Paced eLearning is Comprehensive! Includes:

  • Over 70 short, animated videos that make it easy to learn every concept.
  • Interactive quizzes that build your understanding.
  • In-depth descriptions in an online student manual.
  • An online exam simulator to help you build confidence.

Study at your own pace. Have fun learning.

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Hybrid Online PMP Exam Prep

Deep Dive eLearning + Instructor-Led Classes

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eLearning + Expert Advice = A powerful exam preparation experience!

Course Description

The Hybrid Online Deep Dive covers all the bases for PMP® exam preparation. Your instructor has specialized in PMP® exam preparation for twenty years! Trust him for insights on what you’ll see on the exam. Review sessions are recorded for participants to reference after the class.

  • Students use the Self-Paced Deep Dive to prepare for weekly review sessions.
  • Live weekly review sessions are led by a PMP® exam expert!
  • Four review sessions over five weeks. Each online review session is 3.5 hours.
  • All the resources of the Deep Dive eLearning package plus expert advice.
Five people in an office celebrating completing their PMP Exam Prep course from Versatile

The Deep Dive eLearning package is a comprehensive study package.

  • Over 70 short, animated videos make it easy to understand key concepts.
  • A detailed study manual provides in-depth explanations of every topic.
  • Interactive learning activities help you to digest each topic.
  • Online exam-simulator provides a realistic exam experience.


Experienced project managers or project personnel with previous project management training will benefit most from this course.

Candidates for the exam who have not attended previous project management training will benefit from attending Principles of Project Management.

At Course Completion

At the end of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Know what project management terms and concepts are necessary to pass the PMP® Exam.
  • Have a study plan to finalize their preparation for the exam.
  • Know what to expect from the exam, including how to apply for the exam, where to take the exam, and rules for sitting for the exam.
While it is not a prerequisite to attend this course, participants should be aware that PMI requires 36 months of project management experience to sit for the exam if you hold a bachelor’s degree.
Project Management Tips

Unofficial Project Managers Often Have Distributed Teams

A question came up on the LinkedIn Project Manager community asking if anyone had any “tips for remote teams.” Great question!  Click here to read “5 Effective Strategies for Leading a Remote Team.”

First, all teams benefit from the Nine Components of a High Performance Team, which you can read about in The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management book. Versatile covers all these topics in our Leading High Performance Teams 2-day class (learn about our classes here).

Then, emphasize the use of technology that eliminates distance, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Check out, where you’ll find more thoughts on this topic.

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