Project Management Consulting

Do you need advice on structuring a PMO?

Are you building your project management standards?

Would a project management expert help you kick off a project or keep a project team on track?

Versatile brings hard-won expertise in project management best practices to improve the way your organization delivers projects. Our consulting services create rapid changes that bring quick rewards.
  • Building a PMO- Versatile can provide advice or temporary staffing to help address key PMO success factors.
  • Coaching for Executives- Versatile consultants can help boost project results by coaching executives and/or teams.
  • Virtual Project Planning- Versatile provides planning and control support for your project management plans.
  • The EPM Model- Use Versatile's EPM Model to break down and evaluate your project management practices.
  • Project Management Methodology- Versatile can show you how to put a common project management methodology into practice for excellent results.

The Enterprise Project Management Model

Project management is an established discipline with evolving best practices. Versatile’s consulting process breaks your project management practices down to evaluate them and identify areas for improvement.

Process Assessment - Our Enterprise Project Management model forms the basis for evaluationproject management process assessment

-Source: Eric Verzuh, Fast Forward MBA in Project Management, 5th edition (2016)

Structured deliverables - Based on the assessment of these areas, you’ll receive a report detailing specific gaps and recommendations for making improvements.

Phased implementation - We use a phased implementation model to make rapid, visible changes and minimize the disruption of organizational change. 

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Building Your PMO

A Project Management Office is critical to integrating project management into the culture and processes of your organization.

To help you build your PMO faster, Versatile can provide advice or temporary staffing to address these key PMO success factors:

  • Put the PMO in the right location in the organization. Maximize effectiveness with appropriate authority and scope.
  • Clearly identify the PMO's responsibilities. A strong charter keeps early PMO activities focused and establishes consistent expectations for the PMO among the people it will serve.
  • Develop a PMO implementation plan. A PMO's duties should evolve with the evolution of project management in your firm.

PMO Solutions

Project Selection is The Most Important Decision 

The first and most important decision in the life of the project is the ‘Go/No Go’ decision. 

Most project management training assumes that a project has been approved and is worthwhile. 

Project management consulting creates standards: the first standard should be a common format for proposing a potential project. 

Terry Schmidt will present a must-see webinar about this critical topic. We’ve begun to introduce the Logical Framework in our project management training and it really works!! 


Starting From Scratch? Read This Book! 

“I'm a Sr PM/BA at a small software company. When I got there they had a backlog of 1.5 yrs worth of projects, no processes, no schedule and a dysfunctional manager of the Prof Serv group. While I was plugged in to just get projects started, software installed and attempt to keep customers from canceling agreements, I also started looking at the bigger picture of repeatable methodologies for these projects. I don't have PMP cert but do have 20 yrs experience in project management. This book was excellent at discussing and mapping out strategies for starting, running and closing projects using PMI-approved tactics. “ 

Yep. The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management  


Need a Dashboard? Everyone Else Does Too. 

During a recent Project Management Office Roundtable (PMOR) meeting in Seattle, the topic was dashboards. 

Microsoft BI is starting to look like the runaway favorite. They follow Tableau’s lead, and they are closing quickly. As usual, BI is packaged with your other Microsoft product purchases, so it is easy to find and use. 

Jason Westland published a blog on about PM Tools. It is worth a read. He’ll explain why you want a dashboard. 

One takeaway that I shared during a recent project management training was that everyone wants two things in the dashboard: 

Multi-project resource views  

Multi-project progress overview 

We can show you how to do both in SharePoint!!