Build a Workforce with the Strength to Innovate

Are you trying to foster innovation in your team? Your department? Your company?

Innovation is the act of transforming a creative, original concept into a product or practice that delivers value.  That can happen anywhere - and everywhere - in your company. 

What does it take to innovate?  Creativity is essential (and obvious), but creativity alone is not enough.  Collaboration is the catalyst.  Fresh ideas reach their full potential when they are magnified through collaboration with others. Now transform that brilliance into results: Deliver.

Innovation, like leadership, is a competency with values and behaviors.

Versatile offers business innovation training to help your company reach it's creative potential.

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Strengths that Power Innovation

Any organization can consciously foster specific strengths that promote a culture of innovation.


  • Analysis focused on stakeholder value: If we're going to deliver value, we have to solve the right problem for the right people.
  • Tenacious, courageous creativity: Innovation is risk. It takes persistence and courage to think in new ways and challenge the status quo.


  • Team-driven decision making: Collaboration is key, and that means everyone needs the skills to participate in groups that hammer out new ideas.


  • Goal-driven planning: More than just a timeline, it’s about connecting the real goal or benefit to the actions it will take to get there.
  • Systematic drive to completion: Nothing will get done without a relentless drive to make it happen. A systematic approach keeps the process from turning into chaos.
  • Prioritize to accelerate: Leaders prioritize new ideas, knowing that focus is essential to productivity. Without prioritization organizations can become overwhelmed with a logjam of new ideas that never go anywhere.

Tie these all together with an Adventure Attitude! Innovation is risky and full of surprises.  An effective attitude accepts that conflict is inherent, that we must live with ambiguity, and that success requires managing through the surprises.

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