Project Management Consulting

Do you need advice on structuring a PMO?

Are you building your project management standards?

Would a project management expert help you kick off a project or keep a project team on track?

Versatile brings hard-won expertise in project management best practices to improve the way your organization delivers projects. Our consulting services create rapid changes that bring quick rewards.
  • Building a PMO- Versatile can provide advice or temporary staffing to help address key PMO success factors.
  • Coaching for Executives- Versatile consultants can help boost project results by coaching executives and/or teams.
  • Virtual Project Planning- Versatile provides planning and control support for your project management plans.
  • The EPM Model- Use Versatile's EPM Model to break down and evaluate your project management practices.
  • Project Management Methodology- Versatile can show you how to put a common project management methodology into practice for excellent results.

The Enterprise Project Management Model

Project management is an established discipline with evolving best practices. Versatile’s consulting process breaks your project management practices down to evaluate them and identify areas for improvement.

Process Assessment - Our Enterprise Project Management model forms the basis for evaluationproject management process assessment

-Source: Eric Verzuh, Fast Forward MBA in Project Management, 5th edition (2016)

Structured deliverables - Based on the assessment of these areas, you’ll receive a report detailing specific gaps and recommendations for making improvements.

Phased implementation - We use a phased implementation model to make rapid, visible changes and minimize the disruption of organizational change. 

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Building Your PMO

A Project Management Office is critical to integrating project management into the culture and processes of your organization.

To help you build your PMO faster, Versatile can provide advice or temporary staffing to address these key PMO success factors:

  • Put the PMO in the right location in the organization. Maximize effectiveness with appropriate authority and scope.
  • Clearly identify the PMO's responsibilities. A strong charter keeps early PMO activities focused and establishes consistent expectations for the PMO among the people it will serve.
  • Develop a PMO implementation plan. A PMO's duties should evolve with the evolution of project management in your firm.

PMO Solutions

Quick, Easy, and Inexpensive Way to Build A PMO Dashboard 

What you learn in project management training is how to build and manage a project. When your firm manages multiple projects, you want visibility on all of them. 

Take our project management training in Seattle and online and you'll also get a quick demonstration of how SharePoint can be used to create an inexpensive multi-project dashboard that builds good project management habits. 

Microsoft Project Users Group is featuring our training on this important topic: Manage Projects on SharePoint. 


Project Management Software - Where Do We Start With Requirements? 

During a very interesting meeting with local HR project leaders, they talked about which project management software would help them and whether a program management tool that provided multi-project resource visibility was really useful. 

The CHRO was adamant that the real requirement was delivering great projects, on time, to their internal customers. She really had no use for a multi-project resource modeling tool. But I asked the HR leaders responsible for delivering the projects whether they needed that view - and the agreement was unanimous. 

One of the most common questions in project management training is "which tool is best?" The answer has to do with what problem you are trying to solve.


The PMO Needs to Take a Stand On PMP Certification 

PMP Certification is popular and requires 35 hours of project management training before you can sit for the exam. 

PMP certification doesn't make sense for every person who leads a project. It is best for people who have committed to a career in project management. And even organizations that are strongly project-driven have opted not to value the PMP certification, choosing instead to promote project management training that builds skills and is aligned with their own processes. 

The PMO should be an active participant in this ongoing discussion about the value and proper place the PMP certification holds in an organization. This video from adds a personal perspective.